It was Hollywood, California . . . I was living the dream.


It was Hollywood, California and I was living the dream.

His name was Jason D. Williams; an eclectic, firebrand of a piano player from Arkansas, (and one of the greatest talents I ever had the opportunity to represent). He was signed to RCA Records in Nashville and a new client of mine. CBS Television in Hollywood (actually Studio City) had just recently launched the Pat Sajak Show, a late night talk show to try and compete with Johnny Carson and the Tonight Show. A few days before Christmas in 1989, he was booked and appeared as the musical guest for that night’s show. As his agent, of course I would be there.

Graciously, the show offered me a complimentary airline ticket, hotel room, and ground transportation. Once arriving from Nashville at LAX, I disembarked from the plane and as I entered the terminal, I saw about a half dozen gentlemen dressed in black uniforms as limo/shuttle drivers holding signs with peoples’ names. One of them held a sign with my name . . Tim Tye. Knowing that he was my ride, I approached him to introduce myself and we then went to baggage claim for my luggage. As I attempted to pick up mine and carry it myself, he insisted that this was his job. Fine, I thought. Okay . . I’ll let you do your job.

Since I was traveling by myself and not an entourage, I honestly expected to see a small Town Car once outside. But not to be. Once outside the terminal, there was a black stretch limousine awaiting me. Crazy I thought, but ‘high fivin’ myself at the same time.

As we drove in the California sunshine along the Sunset Strip towards my hotel, I remember thinking “Hell man, they sent this big car for me?” I was 27 and thinking to myself, “dude, if all those folks back home could see me now”.

He, he, he . . . . I was living the dream. Happy to be living in the moment. Happy to be living the dream.