. . . . Once upon a time in Nashville . . small town loser Timmy Tye made the big time on Music Row.


. . . As a young boy growing up in a small American town, my dreams were always, . . . always about hitting the ‘big time’ and making a name for myself. I did just that. (of course, to only those who knew me.)


 . . . Once upon a time in Nashville, Tennessee, I was a very successful talent agent to many of the top hit making and award-winning artists of the day. In my lifetime now, (and throughout my music career); there was . . . , and never is a day that passes when I still don’t hear someone on the radio, the tv, or the internet of whom I’ve known, represented, or laid eyes on.


. . . It humbles me to see that I was held in such esteem. Of all of the stories of success in the music business then, they chose me. I didn’t work at one of the big firms in town that had offices in New York or Los Angeles. They courted me. I actually laughed at them. The big city money guys. I stayed true to being independent. I was my own, God damned, independent Nashville successful talent agent with some really great clients.


 . . . In truth, I never thought of myself of being anything other than being that kid from a small town who growing up who was picked on & bullied,  . . . chosen last . . .  or not at all at sports, . . . fifth chair playing trumpet/coronet in the band, . . . not good enough for the baseball team, or whatever . . but I had big dreams. .  .


 . . .   And I won!


. . . Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, Frank Zappa, Guns N’ Roses, George Michael, Snoop Dog . . . and Tim Tye . .


          Yeah me . . . . . . . .   the agent to the Stars.